January 17, 2013

Vancouver, BC – Vancouver Gold today announced their accreditation with the Mainland BC chapter of the Better Business Bureau. This marks the first time that a gold buyer or gold dealer has been granted BBB accreditation in the region.

Helping with their case for accreditation, Vancouver Gold has served close to 50,000 customers in the BC Lower Mainland without a single complaint to the BBB. They have also pledged to work through the BBB mediation program should any complaints be brought forward and have agreed to comply with any BBB arbitration rulings.

With the price of gold reaching record highs, many people have considered cashing-in their gold through a variety of different methods. It is recommended to always bring your precious-metals to a reputable buyer with an acceptable BBB rating who will test and pay for your items on-the-spot in front of you.

Visit http://www.bbb.org/mbc/business-reviews/gold-buyers/vancouver-gold-in-vancouver-bc-1250126 to see Vancouver Gold’s BBB Business Review.

About Vancouver Gold:
Founded in 2009, Vancouver Gold and its subsidiaries are among the leading precious-metals refining companies in Canada. With 12 offices serving Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa and Halifax, and a nationwide mail-in program, the company has grown to offer a broad range of gold and silver refining services to all Canadians.


Better Business Bureau – British Columbia, Lower Mainland, Interior, Yukon
Better Business Bureau – British Columbia, Lower Mainland, Interior, Yukon

Canada Gold on Vancouver Gold’s BBB accrediation