Last week our owner Charlie Pollock and regional manager Greg Neilson had the pleasure to take part in a radio interview on AM 650, the Experts on Call show with Stirling Faux in Vancouver.

The interview (which we have posted in 4 parts on YouTube and embedded it right here in this post) covered many topics we don’t normally get to discuss, including how the company got started, what contributes to the price of gold and some of our favorite stories from our customers.

The unprecedented rise in the value of gold has caused a major surge in people looking to sell their gold, whether it’s worn-out or unwanted. The interview talks about the growth of Vancouver Gold (which is the flagship location of a national gold buying network called Canada Gold) it’s purpose as a community based gold buyer and some of the more interesting things they see on a day to day basis while buying gold.

One thing that is extremely important to note is that Vancouver Gold is a completely transparant company when it comes to buying your gold. Proof of this can be seen in several places; including the price of gold posted right on our website. By showing the current price of gold, any customer can find out the exact value of their gold using simple calculations. No tricks…just the highest guaranteed payouts.

Please enjoy the interview below and feel free to come into our store to see how much your gold is worth.