Among the leading trusted authorities in the precious metals industry, Canada Gold, now with two branches in Ottawa, is fast becoming one of the nation’s largest and most active precious metal dealers.

Canada Gold is the only national retailer of precious metals that supports you walking in and buying gold and silver over the counter, at your convenience, without a special appointment. 

The alternative to our in-person service is an online retailer that requires you to send wire transfers and pay for delivery and insurance.  Our convenience and discretion, and finding our prices similar and most often better, makes Ottawa Gold the best choice for buying precious metals in the city.

Today's Bullion Sale Prices

Prices are based on the spot rate of gold: $3287.19 and silver: $42.8.

USD accepted at: 0.7527

Updated on: 05/18/2024 01:43 AM EST

1 oz Gold Bar $3,418.68
1 oz RCM Gold Bar $3,433.68
5 oz Gold Bar $16,748.23
10 oz Gold Bar $33,266.36
1 oz Gold Maple 9999 $3,491.00
1/2 oz Gold Maple $1,807.95
1/4 oz Gold Maple $936.85
1/10 oz Gold Maple $391.18
1/20 oz Gold Maple $213.01
1 oz Gold Maple Damaged or 999 $3,461.41
1 g Gold Wafer $127.89
2.5 g Gold Wafer $301.24
5 g Gold Wafer $602.48
100 g Gold Bar (3.215 oz) $10,770.57
1 oz USA Gold Buffalo .9999 $3,435.11
1 oz Special 99999 Gold Maple $3,648.78
Silver Price
1 oz Silver Maple $51.36
Specialty 1.5 oz RCM Coins $85.60
1 oz Silver US Eagle $54.78
1 oz Recognized Silver Bar $49.22
1 oz Unrecognized Silver Bar $48.36
5 oz Silver Bar $246.10
10 oz Silver Bar $492.20
10 oz RCM Silver Bar $507.20
1 kg Silver Bar $1,527.38
50 oz Silver Bar $2,311.20
100 oz Silver Bar $4,622.40
1 oz Platinum Bar $1,654.77
1 oz Platinum Maple $1,728.64

In Canada, any gold or silver coin or bar less than 99.5% pure is subject to GST and PST or HST. For this reason, we offer Canadian Maple Leaf Coins (99.99% Pure) and Gold Bars/Wafers (99.9% Pure). While we do not maintain a large inventory of coins or bars, what we do carry we offer for the lowest possible prices. Please contact us to inquire about our bullion pricing and availability.