Ottawa Gold is Ontario’s number one gold, silver and platinum buyer. We will buy any item that is solid gold, silver or platinum. In order to answer common questions we have included a list of things we do buy. However, note that this list is not complete and does not include everything we buy!

* We do NOT purchase stones but we are happy to remove gems for you whenever possible.

Items We Do Not Buy

Gold Plated or Gold Filled items. The following is a list of items stamps signifying items that are not solid gold.


   Gold Plated
1/10th 10kt 1/20th 12kt:    Items only contain 1/10th their weight as 10kt or 1/20th their weight as 12kt
GF:    Gold Filled (Items with a thicker gold plate)
GE:    Gold Electroplated
RGP:    Rolled Gold Plate
EPNS:    Electroplated Nickel Silver
HGE:    Heavy Gold Plate
GS:    Gold Shell