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Refreshing honesty and transparency, an educational and professional service and, most importantly, higher payouts are the reasons to choose Ottawa Gold when looking to sell gold and silver in Ottawa.

Browse our website to learn about our industry-leading practices, what we pay and how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We encourage you to educate yourself, read what to expect and research the competition, you will not find anyone in town with higher payouts – guaranteed! Our 20% guarantee is simple in that if, for example, someone else in town offers you 25 cents more per gram, we will beat that by 20% (ie 30 cents per gram above our posted rates).

Our customers have several reasons to avoid pawn shops, jewellers, mail-in websites and mall kiosks, they just don’t know what they’re getting. With Ottawa Gold, what you see is what we pay! With gold prices near all-time highs, now is an excellent time to sell unused gold jewellery, scrap gold, gold bars, gold coins, silver jewellery and more! Drop in to our convenient and professional retail location in Westgate Shopping Centre, located right off the Queensway, for your free no-obligation assessment.

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