Ottawa Gold purchases all types of silver bullion. The prices that we pay for silver bullion depends largely on whether it is recognized or not. If bullion is produced from a recognized minting organization it can be easily resold and we are able to offer a higher price for it.

Unrecognized bullion must be refined or sold off for a lower resale price, as a result, the payouts for these products are slightly lower.

Silver Bullion

Recognized Silver Bullion

  • Canada Maple Leaf Coin
  • Royal Canadian Mint Issued Bullion
  • US Silver Eagle Coin
  • Johnsen-Matthey (JM)
  • Engelhard
  • National
  • Federal Commercial
  • Major Banking Institutions (Scotiabank, TD, RBC, etc.)

Unrecognized Silver Bullion

  • Sunshine Mint Rounds and Bars
  • A-Mark
  • NTR Metals
  • Scottsdale Silver
  • Inscribed Rounds and Bars
  • Damaged Rounds and Bars
Silver Bars Price
Silver 1 ounce (Recognized) 21.11
Silver 10 ounce (Recognized) 208.92
Silver 20 ounce (Recognized) 415.63
Silver 50 ounce (Recognized) 1039.09
Silver 100 ounce (Recognized) 2067.18
Silver bar (Unrecognized) 0.61/g

Prices Updated: 2017-06-28, 18:41:00 PM

* In office payouts.